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Watch our frogs jump across the wood, making all kinds of sounds creating music. As the string quartet `Four Frogs in the Woods` we play everything from classical music to free improvisation and the possibilities in-between, exploring the opportunities of contemporary and modern music. Our strings resonate together to make a net of new worlds to show you, new stories to tell you and new adventures to take you.



// violin


Rosa Berman is a Dutch violinist, singer, music theatre maker & performer. From a young age she started playing violin and acting on stage. In her studies of Musictheatre at ArtEZ Arnhem she learned how to make her own socially engaged performances. She started to explore the world of sound art and at the same time developed her performing skills. In addition to the Four Frogs, Rosa has her own music theatre collective named Collectief RAM and works as a freelance theatre maker.

She loves to explore the world of magical realism and small stories about big filosofical themes.

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// violin


Tania Braecklein (DE) is a violinist and artist with a love for everything abstract. She is based in Wuppertal (DE) and Anrhem (NL), where she graduated form ArtEZ Conservatory.

Tania specializes in free and conceptual improvisation, while also being open to more traditional kinds of music. Next to playing the violin she also has experience in theater, fine arts, dance and the crossover of those with music.



// alto violin

Anne Eding (NL) is a violinist & viola player, composer, theater maker and performer. She started playing the violin at the age of 5 and can't remember a life without. 

During her study, at the conservatoire of ArtEZ, she researched music from the subconscious, to find a way of creating from pure intuition. 

Her graduation, a visual and multidisciplinary performance, was both the result and the start of this journey. 

At the moment Anne is exploring the relationship of movement and music in performance and theatrical performance. 

She doesn’t see herself as a musician, but rather an explorer or adventurist in the world of sound, movement and visual art. 


// cello

Born in a small town at the German North-Eastern coast Kim found her love for the cello when she was 15. After an improvisation workshop at the Other Music Academy in Weimar, Germany, she found her way to jazz and improvisation. She abandoned her ecology studies and moved to the Netherlands to study Jazz.

In her playing and research, Kim is mostly in conversation with jazz traditions and free improvised music as well as feminist decolonial theories. For her master theses at Codarts Rotterdam and Utrecht University she is currently thinking and listening with water.

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